Losing weight can be difficult if you do not know what to look out for exactly. There are countless and yet simple ways that can help you lose weight. Maybe you already do some of these ways, but do you notice little result?

1. Eat healthy fats only

Foods with healthy fats contain many healthy substances that our body needs. These foods also ensure that you are more saturated. Examples of foods with healthy fats are nuts, salmon and avocado.

2. Avoid food with a lot of calories

When you eat foods that contain a lot of calories, chances are that you get too much of it in one day. These are often foods, where you quickly get hungry after the meal. Products with a lot of calories are junk food, chips or cookies. Nutrition with healthy fats are the exception to this!

3. Take only water or tea after breakfast

It sometimes seems that fruit juices or water with added vitamins seem healthy, but the opposite is true. These are often full of calories, so you unnoticeably get more calories than you think. Pure water from the tap or bought in a pack / bottle is often the healthiest thing you can drink. Water also contains no calories. Since (green) tea also mainly consists of water, that will also help you lose weight.

4. Moderate alcohol

Red wine is healthy at best, but do not drink too much. Many sugars are added to alcoholic beverages, while alcohol itself also contains a lot of sugar.

5. Replace meat with fish or chicken.

Fish contains less bad fats than pork and beef. Poultry such as chicken is lean meat and will therefore help you lose weight.

6. Eat a lot of vegetables

Vegetables contain a lot of moisture and fiber. This gives you a feeling of satisfaction faster. It is very healthy and you give your body what it needs. This will ensure that you continue to think clearly and therefore will stay more motivated to eat healthy.

7. Avoid white food

This refers to food such as sugar, rice, pasta, bread and other flour products. This diet contains many carbohydrates, or quick sugars. If you do not exercise immediately, these calories will be stored quickly in the body as fat.

8. Switch to normal coffee

Coffee itself contains no calories, but you often drink cappuccino or espresso than you will be more likely to get overweight. These contain many unhealthy additions. Therefore switch to normal or fresh coffee. The old-fashioned filter coffee is actually the healthiest!

9. Breakfast with oatmeal or muesli

A hearty breakfast includes a lot of fiber, protein and slow carbohydrates. Muesli and especially oatmeal are perfect for this. This will give you a fuller feeling for the rest of the day. Add some fruit for the taste and you are also provided with a dose of vitamins in the morning.

10. Avoid as much processed food as possible.

This often contains sugar and often only has 1/10 of the original nutritional value. You eat a lot of empty calories that your body does nothing about. In addition, processed food is also often addictive because of the sugar and fat ratio, so you eat too much quickly.

11. Eat spicy

When your food is seasoned or spicy, it will cause your metabolism to speed up. This will cause your body to burn more fat.

12. Take fruit instead of fruit juice

There is far less fiber in fruit juice than in fruit itself. Fibers ensure that you get a more saturated feeling. You also get less sugars when eating fruit than when drinking fruit juice.

13. Replace sugar-rich snacks with nuts

A snack is usually something that can be caught quickly and can be put into your mouth. Think of chocolate, chips or cookies. As you probably already know, these products are full of sugars. Replace with nuts. These are also ready, but sugar-free and contain healthy fats.

14. Green smoothie

A green smoothie is packed with vitamins and minerals. The moisture and the remaining fibers in the smoothie also give you a full feeling. That’s why a green smoothie is ideal for drinking before eating, so you end up having a smaller meal and thus getting fewer calories.

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