How to make the beard grow

The growth of facial hair depends on many factors, such as genetics or testosterone levels. Normally the beard grows 1.2 cm per month, although it depends on each person. There are some tricks so that the natural process of growth of your beard is more bearable, and also some treatments that stimulate the beard growth. Next we tell you ours.

How to stimulate the growth of the beard?

At Macho Beard Company we have developed a revolutionary treatment that favors the growth of the beard. With the “Growth” Beard Oil what we do is stimulate that natural growth and provide the hair follicle with the nutrients it needs to produce healthy hair. You will notice results while your beard grows. But we warn you, being bearded requires patience!

1. Let it grow freely.

Getting a more or less populated beard will take at least a month. We recommend that during this period of initial growth of the beard you avoid shaping or cutting it during that first month. In this way you will understand how your beard grows naturally and you will get an idea of ??the ways you can get it.

2. The first thing is to take care of the skin

From male to male: nothing happens if it’s your first time leaving your beard grow! We have all been virgins at some point, and we have all had to explain that the most important thing for your beard to grow healthy and leafy is to take care of the skin on which it is born . Depending on your type of skin, sensitive, dry or mixed, it is important that you choose the oil that best suits it to keep your skin hydrated and nourish the hair follicle.

3. Hydration

Daily hydration is the key to the growth of a healthy and lustrous beard . We recommend you to moisturize the skin under your beard with natural oils of the highest quality. In our formulas find the combination of coconut oil and jojoba of the highest quality and in the highest possible percentage to take care of your skin and the hair follicles of facial hair to the extreme.

4. Fight the itching

At some point while your beard comes out your skin may rebel and itch. Forbidden to succumb to the temptation to shave! To combat the natural itching of the skin while growing the beard you simply have to wash it with a specific soap that respects the ph of the skin of your face and provides the nutrients you need, and moisturize it. We have told you before, the hydration of the skin is the key to get a full and healthy beard.

5. Give it shape

After that first period of wild growth you find yourself before a fantastic canvas on which to sculpt your beard. Now is when we recommend choosing a path: let your beard grow naturally, or adapt its shape according to your physiognomy and the style with which you feel most comfortable. For this we recommend that you go to a professional. Your barber will help you make the best decision in this regard.

Our Growing Lumberjack Oil, besides stimulating the growth of the beard , leaves your skin hydrated, sanitized and very healthy. Oh! And it has relaxing properties, and an irresistible aroma, Machote.

The Growing is applied with a light massage on the skin under the beard . This increases blood flow, prepares pores, and facilitates the absorption of the essential nutrients of our formula in the hair follicle. We seek to promote cell division, and therefore the growth of facial hair.

For best results, we recommend using it daily after showering and, above all, before going to sleep. Did you know that during the sleep cycle is when your body works more on cell regeneration?

If you want a championship beard, you know, Machote: relax and enjoy your daily massage with the Growing Lumberjack.

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