Learn The Miracles Of Water

Incredible, which trumps has water in your home. It softens, is an exceptional painkiller and moreover it literally triggers the stress of your body to circulation. A sea of possibilities, so!

Lovely legs!

Do you want smooth legs for as much as 4 weeks? Then epilation is an ideal hair elimination technique for you. The only drawback: an epilation device eliminates hairs with roots and all … and that for you. Thankfully, the brand-new generation of epilators is almost painless! For those who like additional softness, there is the new Braun Silk-├ępil Xpressive. It is rechargeable, washable and can be taken in the shower or bath. Benefit? The blissfully warm water makes epilation even less uncomfortable.

Do you like it?

That water makes childbirth less agonizing is now known. Warm water unwinds and soothes the pain of the contractions. Moreover, the water makes the tissues of your lower body softer, minimizing the chance of fractures. In some health centers you can just take a bath to catch the contractions, and you still have to go to the delivery room prior to delivery. In other health centers you can also deliver in the bath.

Move much better

The excellent asset of sports in the water? The upward force of the water guarantees that you do not need to worry about injuries. Since of the greater resistance, workouts under water are also a lot more intensive than on dry land. A couple of suggestions:

Aqua running

Here you walk in deep water, so without the swimming pool flooring under your feet. You will get a wetbelt, a belly belt that enables you to remain upright and thus can carry out the walking movements. That way you do not need to swim to stay above water.

Hydrobics or aqua aerobics

Probably one of the best known swimming pool sports. Since your body weighs a lot less in the water, this is advised for overweight individuals who still wish to do sports. A variation on aqua aerobics is aquastep, where you do workouts on an action in the water.

Aquaspinning or aquacycling

The current trend is unquestionably aquaspinning. This extensive fitness training is done on a hydrorider, a spinning bike that stands in the water. You come from your waist above the water yourself. Since of the resistance of the water it is an extensive fitness training with a greater weight loss than in a classic spinning session.

Delicious weightless

Tension? Jetlag? Over-tired? Then the relaxation technique drifting may be something for you. Here you float in a tank that is filled for 20 centimeters with a special liquid that appears like water from the Dead Sea. Due to the fact that your body is without touch, pressure and weight you can achieve a severe form of relaxation. Floating is an excellent remedy for stress and fatigue, and it would likewise help with neck grievances and chronic discomfort such as migraine.


Have you become aware of ‘Watsu’? The term is a contraction of water and shiatsu: a therapist carries you in the water while you are being nestled, stretched and massaged. Because of the weightlessness in the water, your muscles and joints are entirely relieved and you can also unwind much better. Undersea massages work analgesic, minimize stiff muscles and joints and improve blood circulation.

Love for burns

Did you understand that treatments in thermal water can unwind scars? That is why the Pinocchio non-profit company arranges medspa camps for young burns patients every year. Throughout these camps, the kids not only get to know buddies, they also get hydromassages that stimulate the renewal of skin tissue. The children likewise shower in day spa water and they receive sprays with thermal water. In this way discomfort and itching are softened and the scars lose a part of their redness.

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