Hemorrhoids can lead to a condition called prolapse

Falling occurs when the internal hemorrhoids swell and then pass through the anus. In this case you can feel and feel a cone outside the anus. In many cases it is possible to carefully straighten it back through the anus and the problem, but if the hemorrhoids can not be vpravled, hemorrhoids may still get stuck outside the anus – malfunction. If this happens, you should consult a doctor urgently!

When the hemorrhoid nodes fall, itching often appears in the anus (anal itching). Traumatising such hemorrhoids (for example, with constipation) can cause bleeding and pain.

The result of external hemorrhoids can be a painful condition called thrombosed hemorrhoids.
When a blood clot enters the hemorrhoid node, the hemorrhoids will even become swollen. This leads to an even greater increase.
There is severe pain and a burning sensation during the stool.
This is also one of the factors that may require examination and treatment by a physician.

The presence of a constant humidity in the anus together can lead to such symptoms, such as itching in the anal area, although these are not typical symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Most people with hemorrhoids have a good prognosis. Possible outbreaks of the disease – bleeding or mild discomfort from time to time, but they did not seem long and can be taken home without reporting to the doctor.

Some people need an operation. This operation is quite simple and most patients after surgery have an improvement.

Diagnosis of hemorrhoids. Analyzes and procedures

Diagnosing hemorrhoids is not difficult. The diagnosis is usually revealed when the patient is questioned and the first outpatient examination. Given the estimated degree of prolapse of the anal canal, the ability to move their return, the skin of the anal area, presence and level of bleeding.

Sometimes you may need an anascopy

When anaskopii placed small glowing ball (anaskop) in the anus, so you can fully see the anus and lower rectum. The procedure causes a minor inconvenience, but is easily performed in the doctor’s office and requires no painkillers.

To spend oncology sigmoidoscopy examination rectum and sigmoid colon, in which the mucous membrane inspected these areas to exclude.

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