Increase your intelligence

Increasing your intelligence is always possible . While it is true that we are born with a certain genetic predisposition, which causes us to tend to be more or less intelligent, it is also certain that the brain is an organ of great flexibility. This means that they can change and adapt according to our experiences.

Intelligence is therefore not only applicable to professional activities. In one way or another , being more intelligent also helps us to be happier . This is because it enables us to deal better with difficult situations . It is therefore worthwhile to increase your intelligence. That’s why we share seven tricks to achieve that.

1. Increase your intelligence by meditating

Meditating increases the intelligence in the sense that it makes us more attentive and we can better perceive what is happening around us and inside us . This is not a simple assumption, but something that is supported by research. In different experiments, using magnetic resonances, the brain has been shown to work better after doing a meditation session.

There is no worse enemy for the brain than stress . Under these conditions, cortisol is released, a hormone that damages our ability to concentrate and our memory . Meditation reduces stress. You do not have to become a monk, it is good enough if you use breathing and relaxation exercises every moment that you have to wait. For example when you are queuing at the ticket office or when you are waiting for the bus.

2. Expose yourself to new experiences

Anything new is a stimulus that leads to an increase in intelligence . Novelty creates unprecedented connections in your brain. This is because a thought process has to be carried out in order to absorb new information, to be able to understand and to be able to assimilate with what you already know.

A trip, a trip to an unknown place, reading a new book or an experience of something you do not often do, is a great input for your brain. By staying in your comfort zone, you will only become diaper .

3. Do regular physical and mental exercises

Physical activity supplies the brain with oxygen and improves its functioning . It is also a way to reduce stress and improve mental hygiene. Body and mind are always connected. A healthy body is essential for a healthy mind, able to increase its capacity.

It is also important to regularly perform mental exercises . Try to stimulate your memory by remembering phone numbers or other facts. It is good for you to do simple mathematical calculations by heart. Chess, crossword puzzles and other similar games work very positively to increase your intelligence.

4. Learning a new language or playing an instrument

Learning a new language is always a big challenge. It is not easy, especially when it comes to a language that is far removed from your mother tongue. But it is precisely that difficulty that makes it an excellent way to increase your intelligence .

If you learn a new language, you use many intellectual functions at the same time. The same thing happens when you learn to play a musical instrument. In both cases there is the training of attention, memory, coordination, analogies , etc .


Losing weight can be difficult if you do not know what to look out for exactly. There are countless and yet simple ways that can help you lose weight. Maybe you already do some of these ways, but do you notice little result?

1. Eat healthy fats only

Foods with healthy fats contain many healthy substances that our body needs. These foods also ensure that you are more saturated. Examples of foods with healthy fats are nuts, salmon and avocado.

2. Avoid food with a lot of calories

When you eat foods that contain a lot of calories, chances are that you get too much of it in one day. These are often foods, where you quickly get hungry after the meal. Products with a lot of calories are junk food, chips or cookies. Nutrition with healthy fats are the exception to this!

3. Take only water or tea after breakfast

It sometimes seems that fruit juices or water with added vitamins seem healthy, but the opposite is true. These are often full of calories, so you unnoticeably get more calories than you think. Pure water from the tap or bought in a pack / bottle is often the healthiest thing you can drink. Water also contains no calories. Since (green) tea also mainly consists of water, that will also help you lose weight.

4. Moderate alcohol

Red wine is healthy at best, but do not drink too much. Many sugars are added to alcoholic beverages, while alcohol itself also contains a lot of sugar.

5. Replace meat with fish or chicken.

Fish contains less bad fats than pork and beef. Poultry such as chicken is lean meat and will therefore help you lose weight.

6. Eat a lot of vegetables

Vegetables contain a lot of moisture and fiber. This gives you a feeling of satisfaction faster. It is very healthy and you give your body what it needs. This will ensure that you continue to think clearly and therefore will stay more motivated to eat healthy.

7. Avoid white food

This refers to food such as sugar, rice, pasta, bread and other flour products. This diet contains many carbohydrates, or quick sugars. If you do not exercise immediately, these calories will be stored quickly in the body as fat.

8. Switch to normal coffee

Coffee itself contains no calories, but you often drink cappuccino or espresso than you will be more likely to get overweight. These contain many unhealthy additions. Therefore switch to normal or fresh coffee. The old-fashioned filter coffee is actually the healthiest!

9. Breakfast with oatmeal or muesli

A hearty breakfast includes a lot of fiber, protein and slow carbohydrates. Muesli and especially oatmeal are perfect for this. This will give you a fuller feeling for the rest of the day. Add some fruit for the taste and you are also provided with a dose of vitamins in the morning.

10. Avoid as much processed food as possible.

This often contains sugar and often only has 1/10 of the original nutritional value. You eat a lot of empty calories that your body does nothing about. In addition, processed food is also often addictive because of the sugar and fat ratio, so you eat too much quickly.

11. Eat spicy

When your food is seasoned or spicy, it will cause your metabolism to speed up. This will cause your body to burn more fat.

12. Take fruit instead of fruit juice

There is far less fiber in fruit juice than in fruit itself. Fibers ensure that you get a more saturated feeling. You also get less sugars when eating fruit than when drinking fruit juice.

13. Replace sugar-rich snacks with nuts

A snack is usually something that can be caught quickly and can be put into your mouth. Think of chocolate, chips or cookies. As you probably already know, these products are full of sugars. Replace with nuts. These are also ready, but sugar-free and contain healthy fats.

14. Green smoothie

A green smoothie is packed with vitamins and minerals. The moisture and the remaining fibers in the smoothie also give you a full feeling. That’s why a green smoothie is ideal for drinking before eating, so you end up having a smaller meal and thus getting fewer calories.

Simple tricks for brilliant white teeth

Unfortunately, the beautiful white color of your teeth is quickly affected by certain foods and different drinks. Fortunately, you do not have to give up your daily cups of tea and coffee (as long as it is in moderation of course), because there are a number of other ways to get beautiful, white teeth . And they are very easy!

1. Clean, polish, polish

It goes without saying, but: a beautiful, healthy and white teeth begins with proper brushing and cleaning of your teeth. Brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. Preferably electric. It is especially important to brush your teeth before bedtime. (How tempting it is to dive right into your bed. #Guilty ) When you sleep you make less saliva, while saliva cleans your mouth. If you skip brushing in the evening, you create a breeding ground for all the bacteria of the day. Y ikes!

In addition, regularly use a mouthwash and try to floss as often as possible to remove any leftovers between your teeth. Hello white teeth !

Did you know that these 11 things are damaging your teeth? >

2. Rinse with apple cider vinegar

Not as effective as having your teeth bleached professionally, but a safe, natural and inexpensive alternative to white teeth : apple cider vinegar. Rinse your mouth once a day for one minute with 2/3 water and 1/3 apple cider vinegar.

3. Eat raw vegetables and fruits

Raw fruits and vegetables are not only good for you, also for your teeth! Eating nuts, (sour) apples and cauliflower removes stains and deposits on your teeth and prevents cavities. Another reason to bring raw vegetables to school / the office.

The panacea in your kitchen cabinet for radiant white teeth >

4. Rub your teeth in a strawberry

Save the next time you organize a chocolate fondue with your friends, some extra strawberries. In strawberries there are natural apple acids and these can provide white teeth . Cut the strawberry in half and massage the white, inner part of the strawberry into your teeth. Tastes well too! Note: acid is not so good for your teeth, so do not do this too often.

5. Make a natural mouthwash

Mix a little salt with water and use this mixture as a natural mouthwash to remove plaque. Also for this mixture applies: use in moderation.

You probably did not know this yet! This way you can drink tea but still keep white teeth >

6. Kissyface kissyface

Who would have known?A fierce session of sweat works wonders for your teeth. Because you make extra saliva during kissing, your teeth are protected against plaque. So … Who wants?

7. Fake it until you make it

No patience for these natural tricks? Fake your million dollar smile by wearing a red lipstick with a blue undertone. The blue undertone makes your teeth appear whiter than they are. SMAK!

How to make the beard grow

The growth of facial hair depends on many factors, such as genetics or testosterone levels. Normally the beard grows 1.2 cm per month, although it depends on each person. There are some tricks so that the natural process of growth of your beard is more bearable, and also some treatments that stimulate the beard growth. Next we tell you ours.

How to stimulate the growth of the beard?

At Macho Beard Company we have developed a revolutionary treatment that favors the growth of the beard. With the “Growth” Beard Oil what we do is stimulate that natural growth and provide the hair follicle with the nutrients it needs to produce healthy hair. You will notice results while your beard grows. But we warn you, being bearded requires patience!

1. Let it grow freely.

Getting a more or less populated beard will take at least a month. We recommend that during this period of initial growth of the beard you avoid shaping or cutting it during that first month. In this way you will understand how your beard grows naturally and you will get an idea of ??the ways you can get it.

2. The first thing is to take care of the skin

From male to male: nothing happens if it’s your first time leaving your beard grow! We have all been virgins at some point, and we have all had to explain that the most important thing for your beard to grow healthy and leafy is to take care of the skin on which it is born . Depending on your type of skin, sensitive, dry or mixed, it is important that you choose the oil that best suits it to keep your skin hydrated and nourish the hair follicle.

3. Hydration

Daily hydration is the key to the growth of a healthy and lustrous beard . We recommend you to moisturize the skin under your beard with natural oils of the highest quality. In our formulas find the combination of coconut oil and jojoba of the highest quality and in the highest possible percentage to take care of your skin and the hair follicles of facial hair to the extreme.

4. Fight the itching

At some point while your beard comes out your skin may rebel and itch. Forbidden to succumb to the temptation to shave! To combat the natural itching of the skin while growing the beard you simply have to wash it with a specific soap that respects the ph of the skin of your face and provides the nutrients you need, and moisturize it. We have told you before, the hydration of the skin is the key to get a full and healthy beard.

5. Give it shape

After that first period of wild growth you find yourself before a fantastic canvas on which to sculpt your beard. Now is when we recommend choosing a path: let your beard grow naturally, or adapt its shape according to your physiognomy and the style with which you feel most comfortable. For this we recommend that you go to a professional. Your barber will help you make the best decision in this regard.

Our Growing Lumberjack Oil, besides stimulating the growth of the beard , leaves your skin hydrated, sanitized and very healthy. Oh! And it has relaxing properties, and an irresistible aroma, Machote.

The Growing is applied with a light massage on the skin under the beard . This increases blood flow, prepares pores, and facilitates the absorption of the essential nutrients of our formula in the hair follicle. We seek to promote cell division, and therefore the growth of facial hair.

For best results, we recommend using it daily after showering and, above all, before going to sleep. Did you know that during the sleep cycle is when your body works more on cell regeneration?

If you want a championship beard, you know, Machote: relax and enjoy your daily massage with the Growing Lumberjack.

Hemorrhoids can lead to a condition called prolapse

Falling occurs when the internal hemorrhoids swell and then pass through the anus. In this case you can feel and feel a cone outside the anus. In many cases it is possible to carefully straighten it back through the anus and the problem, but if the hemorrhoids can not be vpravled, hemorrhoids may still get stuck outside the anus – malfunction. If this happens, you should consult a doctor urgently!

When the hemorrhoid nodes fall, itching often appears in the anus (anal itching). Traumatising such hemorrhoids (for example, with constipation) can cause bleeding and pain.

The result of external hemorrhoids can be a painful condition called thrombosed hemorrhoids.
When a blood clot enters the hemorrhoid node, the hemorrhoids will even become swollen. This leads to an even greater increase.
There is severe pain and a burning sensation during the stool.
This is also one of the factors that may require examination and treatment by a physician.

The presence of a constant humidity in the anus together can lead to such symptoms, such as itching in the anal area, although these are not typical symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Most people with hemorrhoids have a good prognosis. Possible outbreaks of the disease – bleeding or mild discomfort from time to time, but they did not seem long and can be taken home without reporting to the doctor.

Some people need an operation. This operation is quite simple and most patients after surgery have an improvement.

Diagnosis of hemorrhoids. Analyzes and procedures

Diagnosing hemorrhoids is not difficult. The diagnosis is usually revealed when the patient is questioned and the first outpatient examination. Given the estimated degree of prolapse of the anal canal, the ability to move their return, the skin of the anal area, presence and level of bleeding.

Sometimes you may need an anascopy

When anaskopii placed small glowing ball (anaskop) in the anus, so you can fully see the anus and lower rectum. The procedure causes a minor inconvenience, but is easily performed in the doctor’s office and requires no painkillers.

To spend oncology sigmoidoscopy examination rectum and sigmoid colon, in which the mucous membrane inspected these areas to exclude.


Gynecomastia is a non-tumorous hyperplasia of the mammary gland. It usually affects both breasts, but can however be unitalal. What may seem paradoxical, especially when an endocrine etiology must be retained, is probably explained by differences in the sensitivity of the receptors present in the breast tissue.

The discovery mode is very variable. It may be a fortuitous discovery on clinical examination or on the contrary the very reason for consultation because of its volume or discomfort, or even pain.

In the neonatal period gynecomastia is common and is explained by the transplacental passage of estrogen. Its possible occurrence at puberty corresponds to the initiation of steroidogenesis. In the older man there is a peak frequency between 50 and 80 years when three quarters of the population are affected. The origin of these gynecomastia is often mixed but the androgen deficit is the most common cause in the elderly man.

It is a galactophoric and conjunctive proliferation of estrogenic type, without acini, but with rough pseudo-lobules. The proportion between epithelial and connective tissue depends on the age of gynecomastia.These pathological types are described by

– Type 1 corresponds to a florid aspect, quite typical of estrogen therapy. The hyperplasia of the canals is concentrically surrounded by a rather loose and edematous connective tissue where collagen fibers are scarce. The epithelium is hyperplastic.

– Type 2 shows a quiescent aspect. This is the most common type. The channels are embedded in dense collagen, without epithelial hyperplasia (Figure 1).


The appearance of gynecomastia reflects a change in estrogen / testosterone ratio. Indeed, androgens, testosterone or dihydrotestosterone are inhibitors of the proliferation of breast tissue. Endogenous estrogens, exogenous or derived from the aromatization of androgens stimulate the proliferation of breast tissue. Leydig cells secrete 15% of the circulating estradiol. The rest comes from the extragonadal conversion of an androgenic precursor. The same goes for estrone with a 5% testicular – 95% extragonadal ratio.

Hyperestrogenism can be absolute if there is a pathological increase of estrogen secretions of tumoral origin, leydigienne (stimulated by hCG) or peripheral by aromatization in adipose tissue. It may also be estrogen of exogenous origin (drugs, foods). The synthesis of SHBG is then increased and leads to a further reduction of the free fraction of androgens which further increases the estrogenic environment.

Hyperoestrogenicity may be relative if there is a decrease in plasma androgens compared to estrogen secretions that remain normal. As the affinity of SHBG is greater for androgens than for estrogens, the free fraction of androgens is further diminished.


Interrogation guides the diagnosis. Family history of the same type should be looked for, manifestations similar to puberty. The clinical examination makes it possible to specify the uni or bilateral character, the possible symmetry of the gynecomastia and the volume of the swelling. Palpation also looks for nipple discharge and possible axillary lymphadenopathy.

The main differential diagnosis to be evoked is adipomastia, which is softer, granular, noncentralized by the nipple, which tends to follow the infero-external edge of the pectoralis major muscle and is often associated with overweight. Breast tumors are rare in humans, but we must know how to evoke the diagnosis in front of a hard nodule, insensitive, accompanied by a possible flow.


Gynecomastia are most often related to hormonal imbalance. In the elderly man an iatrogenic cause must be sought first but it is most often a gynecomastia linked to hypogonadism. The following list attempts to identify iatrogenic causes in the most complete way possible, although some of the treatments mentioned are not used very frequently in older men.

Lose weight fast: Here is the list of effective tips

There are many ways to lose weight fast. But many of the quick cures will make you constantly feeling hungry and unsatisfied. So if you do not have a will of steel you will probably give up for the hunger quite quickly. Losing weight is really simple mathematics. You need to spend more energy than you store in you. The easiest way is to reduce the calories you store in you. But you can also increase your withdrawal by exercising more. The best thing is if you make a combination of these.

A normal calorie intake is between 1800 and 2500 calories per day depending on age and weight. To reduce a kilo in a week, you need to reduce your calorie intake by 7000 calories. However, it is important to know that you can not cut it at all at once. “If you make big changes at one time, there is a risk that you can not continue. Take one or a few changes at a time and work with them until they are sitting, “says, while warning to go too slowly.

Weight Club’s method, which aims to reduce its calorie intake but still eat regular food, is a method developed alongside the obesity unit at Karolinska Institutet. With Weight Club you get your own food diary, a logbook, where you enter all your eats and find out how much calories you have left to eat. Therefore, you do not need to count calories yourself, but the system will help you with this. In the service you will find nutritional content and calorie numbers on a large amount of food and get thousands of recipes that are nutritionally calculated.

Because your calorie intake is very limited, you will quickly notice what kind of food will last for a long time. Here are some more effective tips on how to reduce your appetite, lose weight fast without hunger and improve your metabolic health, based on science.

Reduce your sugar dependence and eat less

When trying to lose weight fast, it is good to reduce sugar and carbohydrates. It is these types of foods that raise the level of insulin most in the body and therefore help the body to store fat. When the insulin level goes down, the fat is easier to get out of fat reserves and you start burning fat instead of carbohydrates. Another benefit of lowering insulin levels is that the kidneys begin to get rid of extra sodium and water, which reduces the unnecessary kilogram of fluid that you can carry on. By reducing carbohydrates, you lower your insulin level, which means that you will automatically start to eat less calories and remain mild.

Eat protein, fat and vegetables

Each meal should contain a protein source, a fat source and carbohydrates. If you want to reduce carbohydrates it is good to choose vegetables that have a small amount of carbohydrates.

Protein sources:

Meat: For example, beef, chicken, pork, lamb, bacon

Seafood: For example, salmon, cod, shrimp, crayfish, lobster

Eggs: omega-3 enriched eggs or pasteurized eggs are the best.

If you eat less carbohydrates, it is important to eat a lot of protein if you want to stay well. Studies have shown that a high protein diet can increase combustion with 80-100 calories a day. Studies have also shown that eating a lot of protein can reduce excessive thoughts around food by 60 percent, reduce the soak for evening eating, and make yourself so fed up that you automatically eat 441 less calories a day … just by adding more protein in your diet.

Examples of vegetables with few carbohydrates:





*Brussels sprouts




Do not be afraid to load the plate full of vegetables with few carbohydrates. You can eat massive amounts without exceeding the amount of calories you can eat every day.

Fat Sources:

*Olive oil

* Coconut oil

* Avocado oil



You should eat at least 3 meals a day. If you feel hungry in the afternoon add a fourth goal. Coconut oil has proven to be a good source of fat when cooking. This fat is more saturated than any other cousin and may also increase combustion slightly. There is no reason to be afraid of natural fats. Recent studies have shown that saturated fats do not raise the risk of heart disease.

Lift weights

You do not need to work out to lose weight if you stick to your calculated calorie intake. However, it is recommended to get the best results. Raising weight in gyms has proven to be a good option for those who want to lose weight. If you are completely above the gym you may want to ask a coach for advice. By lifting weights you will burn a lot of calories and prevent your combustion from slowing down, which is a common side effect in weight loss. Studies on low calorie diets show that you can actually increase your muscle mass somewhat while reducing your fat mass properly. If you can not lift weight, instead, you can do a kind of cardio exercise, such as walking a walk, running or swimming.

Should I count calories?

If you lose weight with Weight Club, you do not need to count calories yourself as long as you use Weight Club’s logbook. Then you only need to log what you eat and you will automatically find out how many calories you have eaten and how many you have to spend on the day.

10 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Quicker

1. Eat a protein-rich breakfast.

Eating a protein-rich breakfast has been shown to reduce the amount of suction after food and calorie intake throughout the day.

2. Avoid beverages with a lot of sugar and fruit juice

Drinks can contain many calories without giving saturation. Therefore, avoiding sweet drinks can help you lose weight.

3. Drink water half an hour before your meals

One study showed that by drinking water half an hour before eating, weight loss increased by 44 percent over a three month period.

4. Choose weight loss “friendly” foods

There are foods that are extra good to eat when trying to lose weight. Here you will find a list of 20 different foods

5. Eat soluble fiber

Studies show that soluble fiber can reduce fat, especially around the abdomen. Fiber replacements like glucomannan can also help.

6. Drink coffee or tea

Do you like coffee? Congratulations! Caffeine can increase your combustion by 3-11%.

7. Eat more whole grains

Basing most of your diet on whole grain products and upscale food. It is more healthy, more saturating, and reduces the risk of overeating.

8. Eat your food slowly

Those who eat fast get more weight over time. Eating slowly makes you feel more comfortable and boosts your weight loss hormones.

9. Use smaller plates

Studies show that people who eat on smaller plates automatically eat less.

10. Sleep well – every night

Sleeping poorly is one of the highest risk factors for weight gain. So to make sure you sleep properly.

All Your Need To Know About Breast Correction

Numerous women would like round, pronated and firm breasts However, not every lady is blessed with ‘model breasts’. One discovers them too little, the other too limp or hanging. If you are really not sure of how your breasts look, you can think about a cosmetic breast correction.

In this short article we talk about the differences in between 2 regularly carried out breast corrections: the breast lift and the breast enhancement with own fat or implants

Breast augmentation: the breast correction for bigger and fuller breasts.

Would you like bigger breasts or do you just find them too small in relation to the rest of your body, then a breast enhancement can provide a service. The name states it all; the treatment is concentrated on increasing the size of the breasts. A breast enhancement can be carried out in 2 methods, by means of breast implants or lipofilling

Breast enhancement with implants.

A breast enhancement with implants is performed under complete anesthesia The implants are always placed by making a cut at the bottom of the breasts, in the armpit or around the nipple. The area of the cut depends upon the kind of implant, how you were developed and what the cosmetic surgeon recommends. Of course, your dreams will always be considered as much as possible and exactly what you feel comfy with. Anyway, the scar will always be as inconspicuous as possible.

A natural result?

The breast augmentation consist of a plastic or silicone bag filled with silicone gel, a salt water option or both. Formerly, round implants were always utilized, but they can cause an unnatural outcome. For that reason, a growing number of drop-shaped implants are being utilized nowadays; these eyes are more natural since they are less full on top than at the bottom.

What are the dangers?

Similar to any cosmetic operation, there are risks you need to consider. With a breast augmentation by means of implants you can suffer from bleeding, infections, level of sensitivity or just insensitivity in the nipples, wrinkled skin, fluid build-ups and unpleasant breasts

Breast enhancement with lipofilling.

Increasingly more ladies select lipofilling as a method to expand their breasts. Lipofilling is filling a certain body part with your own fat. First, liposuction removes fat from a body part with enough fat. For instance the stubborn belly or thighs. With a breast enhancement with lipofilling, this fat is injected into the breasts. The latter is done under local anesthesia.

A natural result?

A breast augmentation with lipofilling provides a natural and subtle outcome. That is due to the fact that body’s own product (your very own fat) is injected into the breasts. This is not like a ‘hunk’ in your chest, but just spread out all over. In addition, a huge advantage is that no incision (cut) has to be made to present this fat. The fat is injected by methods of a needle.

The only drawback of lipofilling is that your breasts do not become much firmer and more pronounced. If that is truly what you want, then you much better select implants.

What are the dangers?

The liposuction prior to lipofiling includes some threats. For instance, in rare cases infections or bleeding may happen. In the part where the fat is injected into the breasts, one usually expects side effects or problems.

Breast lift: the breast correction against flaccid and drooping breasts.

If you discover that your breasts hang excessive or that they are too weak, then a breast lift is the treatment that suits you. This is due to the fact that your breasts are strengthened and raised; lifted. A treatment that is particularly beneficial for females who are elderly.

How does it work?

A breast lift is performed under general anesthesia. At a breast lift, slices are made around and under the nipple, to loosen them and move them upwards. The breast tissue is brought together under the new location where the nipple has been moved. This guarantees that your breast and your nipple get higher. The excess, remaining skin of your breast is eliminated. In some cases even the shape of the nipple is fixed.

A natural result?

Since no foreign materials are introduced into the breasts at a breast lift, this gives a natural outcome. Nevertheless, it is likewise inescapable that scarring will take place. Thankfully, these will end up being less conspicuous after a while.

Exactly what are the threats?

Usually the threats with a breast lift are not really extreme. Soon after the operation the breasts can be agonizing and inflamed and a bit delicate. This will automatically disappear. In other cases, risks can happen such as:

Breast correction Combination: breast lift + breast enhancement

In cases where there is a desire to make the breasts both bigger and firmer, a mix of a breast lift and a breast enhancement can be selected. In this procedure, a breast lift is initially carried out and afterwards the implants are positioned. Then everything is sealed once again.

Vitamins To Increase Your Metabolism And Lose Weight

The very best way to lose weight and increase your metabolism is to follow a healthy diet plan with nutrient abundant foods. Also sufficient exercise is essential to drop weight and to increase your metabolism. But it is much more essential to obtain enough vitamins because without the best vitamins you CAN NOT drop weight and also NOT increase your metabolic process. However which vitamins do you need and from which diet plan can you get these?

How crucial is Vitamin B for your metabolic process?

Vitamin B is one of the vitamins that assist you slim down and speed up metabolism. Metabolism is the process where your body processes the food into energy. If you do not get enough vitamin B during the day, it can trigger the metabolic process to work slower. That will make it harder to lose weight Another aspect of a vitamin B deficiency is that you can burn out of it. So you feel too worn out to work out or do other kinds of exercise and you can practically difficult to hold an active lifestyle.

There are numerous vitamins B that are very important to slim down.

Vitamin B1: primarily happens in cereals, potatoes, however also in dairy, meat and numerous fruits and vegetables
Vitamin B2: Nearly the exact same food products as above and that are. Dairy, meat items, veggies and numerous fruits.
Vitamin B3: meat products, whole grain products, vegetables, nuts and fish. Vitamin B3 itself can also be made by the body from a specific amino acid called tryptophan. Tryptophan can be discovered in peas, cocoa and chocolate and dairy.
Vitamin B5: we can see all foods that we have actually currently mentioned above. These are the whole-wheat ranges, the vegetables, dairy items and fruit.
Vitamin B6: Grains, meat products, egg, various types of fish, dairy items
Vitamin B8: Organ meat mainly liver, soy, seeds and nuts, dairy
Vitamin B11: Vegetables including leafy veggies and potatoes
Vitamin B12: You find nearly exclusively in meat items and mainly in organ meat such as liver. Vitamin B12 is also present in fish and eggs, also in milk. Vegans will discover it harder to have adequate vitamin B12 in the blood because they keep these products out of their diet.

Burn more fat by Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is the least connected with weight reduction. However, some recent research studies showed that they still play a particular function at the same time.

Vitamin C is understood to assist keep metabolism going. Likewise, thanks to vitamin C, more fat might be used as energy through the body, so you might burn fat quicker. This is particularly the case throughout sports. Throughout sports, fat is converted into energy faster with vitamin C That does not imply naturally that you are going to lose weight with big dosages of vitamin C. What is specific is that people with a low vitamin C value in the blood will start to slim down less quickly than people with a higher value.

More weight loss with vitamin D.

Do you do your best to drop weight and do not want to prosper? Then it may simply be that you have a vitamin D shortage. If you still want to lose your kilos, it can assist to take a vitamin D supplement. A study by the University of Milan has actually revealed that people who are obese and have a vitamin D shortage slim down much faster if they follow a diet plan and then take a vitamin D supplement. Topics who took vitamin D lost more weight and lost more centimeters around their waist than topics who had actually not taken additional vitamin D

The best vitamin supplements to drop weight quickly and healthy

If you are reducing weight then you usually do not get enough vitamin through your diet plan and for that reason it is therefore needed that you utilize a vitamin supplement to truly reduce weight and rapidly. But a vitamin supplement from the grocery store is generally not enough because it includes lower quantities and often the quality is also much less. In a good multivitamin are all the vitamin you require, but likewise greater dosages of vitamin B 1 to 12 and vitamin C and D so that your metabolism goes up and you get more energy and you do not feel tired and lifeless.

A Fat burner to lose more weight?

A great fat burner can be a very good assistance to lose weight faster and burn more fat. A good fat burner assists you increase your metabolic process, however likewise offers you a lot of energy so that you struggle with your diet and you do not get a dip and an excellent fat burner suppresses your cravings.

But how do you understand whether a fat burner is good and works?

There are many types of fat burners on the market however often they are of bad quality and do more damage than excellent. In a great fat burner is always vitamin B1, B5 and high doses of vitamin B12 and the rest consists generally of healthy supporting substances such as green tea extract (polyphenols) that assist you drop weight quicker and promote fat loss.

Learn The Miracles Of Water

Incredible, which trumps has water in your home. It softens, is an exceptional painkiller and moreover it literally triggers the stress of your body to circulation. A sea of possibilities, so!

Lovely legs!

Do you want smooth legs for as much as 4 weeks? Then epilation is an ideal hair elimination technique for you. The only drawback: an epilation device eliminates hairs with roots and all … and that for you. Thankfully, the brand-new generation of epilators is almost painless! For those who like additional softness, there is the new Braun Silk-├ępil Xpressive. It is rechargeable, washable and can be taken in the shower or bath. Benefit? The blissfully warm water makes epilation even less uncomfortable.

Do you like it?

That water makes childbirth less agonizing is now known. Warm water unwinds and soothes the pain of the contractions. Moreover, the water makes the tissues of your lower body softer, minimizing the chance of fractures. In some health centers you can just take a bath to catch the contractions, and you still have to go to the delivery room prior to delivery. In other health centers you can also deliver in the bath.

Move much better

The excellent asset of sports in the water? The upward force of the water guarantees that you do not need to worry about injuries. Since of the greater resistance, workouts under water are also a lot more intensive than on dry land. A couple of suggestions:

Aqua running

Here you walk in deep water, so without the swimming pool flooring under your feet. You will get a wetbelt, a belly belt that enables you to remain upright and thus can carry out the walking movements. That way you do not need to swim to stay above water.

Hydrobics or aqua aerobics

Probably one of the best known swimming pool sports. Since your body weighs a lot less in the water, this is advised for overweight individuals who still wish to do sports. A variation on aqua aerobics is aquastep, where you do workouts on an action in the water.

Aquaspinning or aquacycling

The current trend is unquestionably aquaspinning. This extensive fitness training is done on a hydrorider, a spinning bike that stands in the water. You come from your waist above the water yourself. Since of the resistance of the water it is an extensive fitness training with a greater weight loss than in a classic spinning session.

Delicious weightless

Tension? Jetlag? Over-tired? Then the relaxation technique drifting may be something for you. Here you float in a tank that is filled for 20 centimeters with a special liquid that appears like water from the Dead Sea. Due to the fact that your body is without touch, pressure and weight you can achieve a severe form of relaxation. Floating is an excellent remedy for stress and fatigue, and it would likewise help with neck grievances and chronic discomfort such as migraine.


Have you become aware of ‘Watsu’? The term is a contraction of water and shiatsu: a therapist carries you in the water while you are being nestled, stretched and massaged. Because of the weightlessness in the water, your muscles and joints are entirely relieved and you can also unwind much better. Undersea massages work analgesic, minimize stiff muscles and joints and improve blood circulation.

Love for burns

Did you understand that treatments in thermal water can unwind scars? That is why the Pinocchio non-profit company arranges medspa camps for young burns patients every year. Throughout these camps, the kids not only get to know buddies, they also get hydromassages that stimulate the renewal of skin tissue. The children likewise shower in day spa water and they receive sprays with thermal water. In this way discomfort and itching are softened and the scars lose a part of their redness.